XPO, Superior to PVC,
Trouble shooting of PVC

Catching up with environmental & economic needs, our XPO is replacing PVC coated sheeting.

  • Durable

    • Migration of 30% of plasticizer in PVC by weight is accelerated by UV, high temperature and water contact, which doesn’t happen during XPO’s service life.
    • No migration makes it easily cleansed, no need of top-lacquered to be wash off dirt
    • Durability and increased life expectancy, even in fully exposed applications.
    • Longevity is not dependent on extra thickness
  • Economic

    • Special formula makes it very flexible for easier fabrication process into finished products.
    • The toughest strength enables it to be used in double lighter weight than PVC, saving on fabric, labor and transportation cost.
    • Much less shrinkage rate
    • Don’t pay for the waste of PVC but earn by the recycled XPO resin for injection mold
  • Environmental

    • Chloride, dioxin and plasticizer total free in special formula of XPO to meet the getting-stricter legal regulations of environments by the most advanced countries.
    • No harmful gas or smoking during welding gives pleasant working conditions. PVC releases hydrochlorate anhydrie, aggressive when inhaled.
    • 100% recyclable material saves on your cost and saves the earth resources.