the total connection to industrial fabric sources

Accommodating the world’s demands, we have developed XPO, Xtra strong polyolefin sheet to replace PVC, targeting to achieve Super strong, cost saving, recyclable, non-toxic thus environmentally friendly.

Equipped with the advanced production system, we are running Korean factory, specially engineered to produce XPO and Vietnam factory to produce conventional PE tarps.

Korean factory has capacity of 650MT / month for XPO fabric. Vietnam factory has 850Ton/month capable of PE tarpaulin.

With more than 20 years of experience in manufacturing, marketing, developing, we supply high quality fabric and always developing specialty fabrics for customers’ special needs.
Our QC is accredited for ISO certificate and we have internal R&D center.

Located in the heart of Asia, Seoul, Korea. We are protecting the earth & our customers’ properties with the advanced technology and most cost saving structures.